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Im HERE and im QUEER

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

9:21PM - new pic of me!

hey! new pic of me.

7:25PM - WELL, i know you're confused

I know you are all confused about me turning gay. I will tell you why. It's all because of this fat bitch cunt whore.

Current mood: bitchy

7:02PM - daddys butt blug hits the spot

Hey. I was sitting my skinny faggy emo ass down and just thinking. All of a sudden I felt something feel soo good in my ass area. You know. I am not used to good feelings. Normally everything, is like black, you know what I mean? No emotion. No pleasure. No drugs no liquor. I sit upon black. Anyways. Look at me being stupid. God forgive me.

As I was saying my emo fag ass felt so good earlier. I realized I was sitting on daddys butt plug. Does that make me gay? I think it does. So I bring to you this sweet romantic unemo layout.

BUT since I am gay. I am going to fast and only listen to Christian music. But in reality I am going to be doggystyle on my dads bed as he pounds my emo ass with a emo jesus dildo.


Monday, May 3, 2004

9:49PM - I am gay

and I want a boyfriend...

Saturday, February 21, 2004


Sorry kids- friends only

Please comment- and you WILL ((most likely)) be added

Don't be shy...